LBZ58 系列防爆操作柱 (ⅡC)

LBZ58 系列防爆操作柱 (ⅡC)

LBZ58 系列防爆操作柱 (ⅡC)

防爆标志: ExdeⅡCT6 Gb、DIPA21 TA,T6

适用范围  Application

> 适用于爆炸性气体环境 1 区、2 区场所;
> 适用于ⅡA、ⅡB、ⅡC 类爆炸性气体环境;
> 适用于可燃性粉尘环境 21 区、22 区场所;
> 适用于 T1~T6 组温度组别;
> 广泛用于石油开采、炼油、化工、制药、军工等危险环境及海洋石油平台、油轮等场所。
> Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas。
> Can be used in groups ⅡA、ⅡB、ⅡC explosive atmosphere mixture。
> Can be used in Zone 21、Zone 22 flammable dust areas;
> Can be used in T1~T6 Temperature group;
> It is widely used in dangerous environment such as oil exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, offshore oil platform, oil tanker and other places。

型号含义  Model implication

技术参数  Technical parameters

额定电压 AC220V/380V 防爆标志 Ex d e ⅡC T6 Gb
额定电流 10A 防护等级 IP65
外壳材质 铝合金 防腐等级 WF1


使用类别 AC-15、DC-13
内装原件 防爆按钮、防爆电表、防爆开关、防爆指示灯、防爆带灯按钮
执行标准 GB3836.1、 GB3836.2、 GB3836.3

Main technical parameters
Rated voltage AC220V/380V Ex-mark Ex d e ⅡC T6 Gb
Rated current 10A Protection grade IP65
Shell material aluminium alloy Corrosion-proof grade WF1
Mounting mode

Pendant typeVertical type

Using sort AC-15、DC-13
Built in components Explosion-proof button、Explosion-proof meter、Explosion-proof switch、 Explosion-proof indicator、 Explosion-proof button with indicators
Standards GB3836.1、 GB3836.2、 GB3836.3

产品特点  Features

> 外壳采用铝合金压铸成型,经高速喷丸清理后,表面高压静电喷塑;
> Die-casted shell of ZL102 aluminium alloy with high-pressure electrostatic plastic-sprayed surface.
> With water-proof dust-proof properties.
> Buttons,switches,indicators and ammeters formed of several functions for user' s selection.
> Mearsure range can be determined by user.
> Built-in patent explosion-proof components with good property, aesthetic apperance and long life.
> Suitable for vertical or pendant mounting type.
> Can be made specially.

外形安装尺寸举例  Outline and mounting example

订货须知  Information for ordering

> 在选型时请根据型号含义,注明按钮、电表、指示灯、开关各自的数量、规格及产品的安装方式等、详细注明所需产品的型号;
> 如有接线要求时,请提供接线原理图

> Please note switch, button, indicator, ammeter numbers, specification and the mounting type, inlet and outlet direction etc. and note detail of product type;
> If there is any wiring requirement, please provide the wiring diagram